Funding Alternatives for Early-Stage Companies

Funding Alternatives for Early-Stage Companies

On November 14, Rice Alliance-Austin brought together a select group of individuals, most of them CEOs who successfully funded their own companies without the use of venture capital funding, to speak to their

personal experience growing their own enterprises. The discussion touched on various “back door” funding ideas and also how to utilize one’s current network to connect with individuals and companies willing to invest smaller amounts that, put together, can add up to significant capital.

Rice Alliance-Austin would like to thank our event host, Vinson & Elkins, as well as the panelists who gave their time to make this event such a success.

The panel included:
Rick Davis, CEO, LOHAS Capital
Scott Jensen, Co-Founder and CEO, Rhythm Superfoods
Alice McConnell, Founder, Speragen
Clinton Phillips, Founder and CEO, Medici
David Altounian, Interim Dean, The Bill Munday School of Business and MBA Program Director, St. Edward’s University (moderator)


Thank you to our event host, Vinson & Elkins LLP!