CEO Seminar

Fortunate start-ups reach a stage where the business’ size and maturity require the skills of a seasoned CEO. But even companies at this level are looking to move higher. CEO Seminar was designed for the CEO of a successful, growing company with more than 20 employees who is looking for the tools to maximize value and increase company performance.

Rice Alliance – Austin Chapter, Austin Technology Incubator and Austin Technology Council present this 8-week long program annually. We take pride in saying that 2017 marks our 7th year of offering this successful workshop. All the classes will be led by Joel Trammell, founder of NetQoS and a 20-year veteran of the CEO position. The class size is limited and the program is by invitation only. If you think you know someone who could benefit from this seminar, please contact Rice Alliance-Austin Chapter Administrator Jenny Garcia at and we can discuss our criteria for inviting CEOs.

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  • CEO Seminar

    The eight-week 2017 CEO Seminar will begin March 31 and run every Friday from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. through May 19. Created for CEOs of companies with more than 20 employees, this is not a startup class but a chance to learn from and network with other accomplished CEOs. Read more…