Rice Alliance – Austin Chapter has three leadership groups which make the organization function and perform well against its mission and objectives. These are all volunteers who care about Austin remaining a hub for technology and entrepreneurship in America.

The Executive Committee establishes the mission, values, and direction of the Rice Alliance – Austin Chapter and ensures operational performance to objectives in all areas of the organization.

The Steering Committee includes the Executive Committee and many other volunteers. This body contributes guidance to the organization and helps greatly with events, special projects, and furthering connections with the Austin community.

The Advisory Board is a representative cross-section of the essential players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Austin and contributes perspective, insight and guidance to the Executive Committee.

Executive Team

  • Juan Thurman

    – President

  • Robert McKee

    – Founding Father

  • Valerie Luessenhop

    – Immediate Past President

  • Wade Allen

    – Past President

  • Doug Bain

    – Past President

  • Shannon Vale

    – Past President

  • Pam Berger

    – Treasurer

  • Taylor McHargue and Andrew Reue

    – Marketing Chairs

  • Jay Lamy

    – Sponsorship Chair

  • John Biggs

    – Sponsor Services Chair

  • Michael Brogioli

    – Spring Events Chair

  • Tim Dehne

    – SymBIOsis Committee Chair

  • Jenny Garcia

    – Administrator

Steering Committee

  • Wade Allen*
  • Doug Bain*
  • John Biggs
  • Bob Bridge
  • Mike Brogioli
  • Robin Brooks
  • Tim Dehne
  • Davis Gilmer
  • Caroline Caskey Goodner
  • Boris Jezic
  • Taylor Knopf
  • Valerie Luessenhop*
  • Jay Lamy*
  • Byron Marsales
  • Taylor McHargue
  • Robert McKee*
  • Eric Neuhaus
  • Michael Poynter
  • Andrew Reue
  • Jeff Searcy
  • Tom Stevenson
  • Huntley Tarrant*
  • Juan Thurman
  • Shannon Vale*
  • Sunday Yokubaitis*
  • James Young
  • *designates past president

Advisory Board