The Importance of Stones In The Garden

When decorating our garden, there are endless options. However, without a doubt, we can create an excellent decorative complement for our garden through the elements and materials we incorporate into the ground.

For this reason, today, we want to talk about incorporating stones as decorative elements in the garden since they provide countless benefits, such as lower maintenance, than other materials, such as grass. Alternatively, even the possibility of designing compositions such as trails or stream simulations.

Benefits of using stones in garden decoration

One of the most apparent benefits when decorating our exterior with stones is, as we have said, the low maintenance that it entails in areas such as the ground. However, there are also other advantages that we must value when creating our garden, for example :

  • Using small rounded stones (better known as pebbles) that we can add to create paths or small paths in the garden will naturally eliminate the annoying weeds that may grow on the ground.
  • It also allows you to design a beautiful delimited space by combining stones with flowers and plants in a garden or a specific space outside. Countless shapes and materials can be used to design spaces. The secret is to vary the sizes, textures, and colors so that it does not seem monotonous.
  • The stones we use can be used as elements to frame and structure the space attractively, using different types of sizes or colors. Alternatively, even create mosaics or patterns with the stones.
  • Depending on the type of stones with which we create our garden, it can help us drain, absorb, channel, and direct the water towards the drain on rainy days and thus avoid flooding.
  • Using stones will allow you to build a garden fountain, a stream, or a pond, thanks to a pond liner and gravel.
  • The use of stones is also closely related to Zen-style gardens since they combine perfectly with water sources and combine different materials, colors, and sizes of stones to your liking.

To incorporate stones in our gardens as decorative elements, we can use materials such as gravel, rocks, or all kinds of large or small stones.

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